SXSWi Smorgasbord

logo.jpgTomorrow, I’m jetting off to Austin for my first-ever trip to SXSWi. I’ve been deliriously combing through the list of panels, scheduling and re-scheduling my weekend. Here are just a few of the panels I want to attend:

Worst Website Ever: So Crazy, It Just Might Work

Crowdsourcing for Creatives

Behind the Scenes at the Onion News Network

Social Marketing Strategies Metrics, Where Are They?

Social Network Coups: The Users are Revolting!

Online Advertising for Newbies

The Real Dragon: Understanding the Web and Digital Media in China

Social Strategies For Revolutionaries

Tools for Enchantment: 20 Ways to Woo Users

Blogs, Buzz, and Buddy Lists

Social Networking and Your Brand

True Stories from Social Media Sites

Core Conversation: Your Blog Is A Niche Community


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  1. I hope you can make it to our panel — Online Advertising for Newbies! Should be really useful. Safe travels to Austin!

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