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So what if I click on your ad!?

Occasionally, I click on an website ad. It’s rare, but it happens.

Moments ago, I accidentally stumbled upon Excedrin.com — the customer-facing website for the popular over-the-counter painkiller (and one of my personal favorites, I might add). The site itself is grim. The “latest news” section was last updated in March of 2007, and the “NEW! Back and Body” center contains bland information ripped from the NIH site and other sources. The “Talk to Us” and “Contact Us” tabs on the top nav bar strangely link to the same page–and that page doesn’t even contain a web form or email address.

Why are you paying for online advertising, if you’re not going to invest in your website? Why would you want a potential customer to visit your crap site? Website ads are not television ads. They actually interact with your customers and ask them to do something (click, watch, etc).

I recently learned that this year’s theme of the iMediaConnection Brand Summit is “Turning Advertising Into Content.” (Thanks to Kevin Nalts for posting.)

Exactly. Say it with me, ye olde media marketers….let them have CONTENT!


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