Tweeting Your Way to a Better Life

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

For those of us immersed in social media, things always seem to be getting better. But as tools improve and people assimilate, it is increasingly difficult to break through the noise and connect with someone. Twitter, and the speed of micro-blogging, is the epitome of social media’s possibilities. Community-driven, conversational, content rich and fast-moving, it’s the nonstop, 24/7 bullet train to all your answers. But it can also be a crowded room where it is difficult to get anyone’s attention.

Seeding your Twitter Community

As an organization with a brand spankin’ new Twitter feed, consider seeding your friends list with a few staff members, allies, members or online activists. A seeded list will provide conversational content from the get-go, and allow your org’s Twitter account to have a more personal voice. Unless you’re BBC News or W00t!, it’s imperative that you arrive at the party with a few close friends.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Twitter is at its best when people are providing one another with tips, recommendations and leads. This week, I made the mistake of asking my coworkers for a dentist recommendation before consulting my 100+ person Twitter community. My coworkers provided just one recommendation, which turned out to be a bad one (retired). So, I turned to Twitter, asking for DC-area dentist recommendations. The vast majority of my Twitter community is not local–in fact, most of them reside in sunny California. Despite the lack of local Twitterati, I managed to receive three very enthusiastic recommendations.


I also received a direct message from a Twitter friend that I’ve never met in-person. Thanks to my Tweets, I’m actually excited for my dentist appointment next month.

Media snacker summary:

  • If you’re an organization or institution of some kind, try seeding your Twitter list with people you talk to
  • Twitter is a powerful tool for recommendations, tips and questions. Use it that way!
  • Follow me on Twitter!


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