Myspace and Security

Maybe you’ve noticed. Over the past few weeks, several tech bloggers have been accused of violating Facebook’s terms of service by sending too many messages to users. Others have had issues with requesting too many friends and using a handle or pseudonym for their account. Whether you like it or not, the message is clear — Facebook takes security seriously.

Myspace is a different story entirely. I’ve noticed a huge Myspace media blitz this month (no doubt in an effort to beat back the Facebook lovefest), but no one seems to be talking about security. Here’s my prediction:

If Myspace does not address security issues (e.g., hackers, phishing passwords, spam comments that you can’t delete, malicious code, etc), users will go elsewhere.

I know, it’s a bold (and perhaps, dumb) thing to say. I base my prediction on my own experience. My profile on Myspace is constantly inundated with spam comments from friends with hacked accounts. At least one a week. I log in, clean up my account, and leave. And I’m noticing that all of my friends are leaving, too. The great migration has already begun.

The folks at Myspace should address their security issues, and soon.


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