SEO is Over

A recent comment on this blog (“SEO strategies to get you the job you want”) got me thinking about the term “SEO.”

Search. Engine. Optimization.

(Before I launch into this, I’ll pause here to ponder the possibility that folks are using the term “SEO” to refer to something else entirely. Sometimes I am just. that. paranoid.)

SEO strategies. It’s thrown around a lot these days. I’m not sure it makes sense anymore. Optimization involves organizing (and in some cases, creating) information that is machine-friendly. But social media is human-friendly. It takes the machine out of the equation. (This gets a little blurry with the advent of the semantic web, but the human element to social media remains the same.)

In the days before tags and feeds, we relied on search engines to comb the web and find information for us. But the more information out there, the more burdensome it became. Too many news sites. Blogs. Photos. Store fronts. How does one find quality?

Search engines can’t find quality. They can be tricked, and repeatedly so. One of the latest examples are splogs — junk sites that masquerade as blogs and include malicious links and gobbly-gook content. I’ve stumbled across at least a dozen in the last month alone, and all while searching for something with Google.

Only human beings can find quality. Flickr has been using some calculation (what, I don’t know) to determine the “most interesting” photos in single account. Mine are seen here. Now, I’m not a very good photographer, but I can assure you that I’ve got more interesting shots than the one of my mom cooking Christmas dinner.

SEO is dead. Human optimization is social media. It is about quality. Quality content. Quality interactions.


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  1. Here’s a link to the SEO chicks’ blog, post titled: “Search is dead – long live search”. I’m not sure if you guys are saying the exact same thing, or the exact contrary.

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