Social Resume Elements v1.0

This is then:

  1. Name and contact info
  2. Objective
  3. Work History
  4. Education
  5. Relevant Skills

This is now (some early ideas. this is by no means a template):

  • Name, email address, cell, IM, and cell phone
  • Hyerlinked objective
  • Employer History
  • Job-Related Published Content
    • Link to personal blog with one sentence description
    • Links to 2-3 blog posts and comment threads on industry blogs over the past 2 years
    • Wikis, event blogs of conventions, seminars, workshops attended
  • Skill Set Categories
  • Social Signatures (Choose up to three:,Twitter, Digg, Magnolia, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube channel, etc)

One of the dangers of the social resume is telling too much about yourself. You don’t want to to offend an employer by assuming they care about your bookmarks or your Flickr account. Restraint here is key. Don’t share anything that isn’t relevant to the job, and only share the best of what you’ve got.

There are some professions that stand to benefit immensely from an updated, web-friendly resume template. Any employer that relies on personal connections, specialized conversations, and sophisticated information-sharing should be looking at an individual’s social network and her/his contributions to that network. I took a crack at listing a few very broad categories below:


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