The Social Résumé

You probably already know about the social media release. Brian Solis has pioneered the effort of web2.0 enthusiasts to kill, once and for all, the tired 100-year-old press release. If you don’t know about SMRs, read Brian’s primer series. Below is a quick ‘n’ dirty definition from Mr. Solis:

Social Media is about people. A Social Media Release simply can’t be the only solution for bridging conversations between people and companies though. It can however, present information through social channels which “can” empower people to do more with the content that they discover. But at the very least, SMRs are forcing PR people how to do things better, differently, and hopefully, more effectively.

But there are infinitely more applications for “social” information than simply marketing GM trucks and Palm Pilots. One obvious application is the marketing of yourself (which I suppose, is a product to be bought and sold in the HR industry). With this blog post, I hearby declare the résumé dead. Viva la social résumé! (alternative names welcomed)

Why build a social resume? First off, employers are already Googling applicant information. When I interviewed for a job at a major labor association last spring, the interview panel congratulated me on a scathing comment I had left on the NAM blog, following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (see the post and my angry comment, here). I was a little bit surprised, having long forgotten that blog post. It was one of the rare instances in which I used my full name, but in that particular instance, it worked in my favor.

The point is, employers are already finding you on the web, and in many instances, you want them to! Why not direct them to that information yourself? By providing links to your web real estate, you control the sites they go to. Sure, they can still find your high school track & field record, but they’re less likely to go looking for it if they have access to a handful of web properties that provide a detailed snapshot of your skill set.

In the next post, I’ll take a first crack at what a “social résumé” might look like.


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  1. That’s a very interesting idea: seo strategies that get you the job you want.

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