Inaugural Post: The Tech Blog Beginith

Right now, the Red Sox are up to bat against the Rockies in the World Series opener. I am home, unable to watch the game (no television), waiting for my laundry to dry so that I can dash eight blocks down the street to my friend’s apartment. He’s watching and calling me every time a run is scored.

So. About me. I am neither a CEO, a start-up employee, a Bay Area geek or Tim O’Reilly. Instead, I’m a 26 year-old nonprofit geek, living in Washington D.C. and helping organizing millions of Americans online. It’s not always glamorous but it does feed the soul.

I already have a personal Livejournal (since 2001) and an mp3 blog ( Why start another blog? The answer in glorious list form:

1. After lurking for years, I finally feel as though I can make a contribution (albeit a very small one) to the conversation.
2. I’m at a point in my career where I’d like to start getting my name out there. Yes, shameless self-promotion.
3. Within the past few months, I’ve become obsessed with social media releases.
4. I need somewhere to link from my Twitter profile.
5. Because everyone else has one.

And away we go!


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